Around the League: End of Year Recap



Angry Cobras back on top.

After five years of frustrating mediocrity, the Angry Cobras have finally climbed back to the top of mountain by becoming the first four time FEDFFL Champion.  Thanks to a terrific draft, which included the top scoring individual player in Peyton Manning, the Cobras started out strong and never relented on their way to a record breaking season.  They shattered the record for Most Points In a Season previously held by the Fighting Sandwiches by 56 points.  The Cobras averaged a record 99.1 pts per week and wrapped up 5 1/2 week wins.

For the second year in a row, the Mad Ballers finished the season in second place and the Green Machine secured third place.



Adding to their already impressive season, the Angry Cobras also were able to win their third Super Bowl championship by defeating the Mad Ballers 93 - 91 in what was arguably the most exciting finish in FEDFFL Super Bowl history.  The back and forth action came down to the last minute of the last game of the week with the Cobras squeaking out a last second victory.

Congratulations to the Angry Cobras and coach Gary Shroades on an amazing season.

Green Machine grab Stars Division title.



The Green Machine had to fight a long and hard battle between two equally tough opponents but in the end they were able to come out on top of a three-way tie for the Stars Division Title.  At 9 -4, the Machine held the tiebreaking edge with a more impressive division record and a week 13 destruction of the Weemunks earned them their second division title in franchise history.

Congratulations Green Machine on a successful season.



Arden Ascots new Stripes Division champs.


The Arden Ascots were able to hold on late and secured their third division title.  At 8 -4-1, the Ascots battled against the Mad Ballers all the way to the end of the regular season and were able to defeat the Ballers 86 - 68 in an undefined championship game,

Congratulations Arden Ascots on a successful season.