Draft Recap





Master Drafter

When the dust settled from the draft, Mad Ballers were left on top. Their starters project out to score more points than any other team this year. Coach Bob Myers made some savvy pickups in Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and Stevan Ridley. Gonzalez rated as the best pick in the draft, adding the expected value of a pick taken 58 spots earlier.

The Matt Millen Award Goes To...

Coach Ken Cross might want to ask Coach Bob Myers for some help next year, as their starting squad is ranked dead last in expected points. Coach Cross reached for several players, including Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, and Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick was rated as the 2nd worst selection in the draft (quarterbacks' expected points are undervalued in this league compared to typical leagues).

Weak Spot

Angry Cobras clearly didn't prioritize their tight ends in the draft, winding up with the worst TE core in the league. Coach Gary Shroades will have to trot out Greg Olsen into the starting lineup. Neglecting that position didn't seem to hurt Angry Cobras much, as Angry Cobras are projected to have the 2nd best starting crew in the league.

Split Decision

Was Coach Eddie Kisner partying a bit too hard during the draft? While their first half was stellar (1st overall by expected value added), they tanked in the second half, ranking 8th over the last 11 picks. In the first half, Coach Kisner made some shrewd pickups, including Jason Witten and Chris Johnson. After the halfway point, however, Coach Kisner reached for several players, including Kirk Cousins and Jake Locker.

Deep Impact

Oompa Loompas might not have had the best draft, but they might have had the safest. While their starting lineup ranks 5th, they are projected to have the best bench of any team in the league. Oompa Loompas' bench is stocked with solid backups like Ryan Mathews, Shane Vereen, Josh Gordon, and Emmanuel Sanders. Mathews rates as the 2nd best backup RB in the league, behind only Buckeyes' Giovani Bernard.