Team Owners can set their weekly lineups via the CBSSportsline web-site up until 5 minutes before the earliest kickoff on each Sunday.


In weeks that contain Thursday or Saturday games, Owners are only required to set the players they wish to play in those specific games up until 5 minutes prior to the earliest kickoff.  If there's more than 1 game on any day, (e.g., Thanksgiving) all players for BOTH games must be submitted before the earliest kickoff.



If an Owner has a problem accessing the CBSSportsline web-site, they should contact the Commissioner via email or telephone to request to have their lineup set for them.   If the Commissioner is unavailable then Owners may contact another Team Owner and provide them with their Starting lineup.


Click the TEAMS link for individual contact information.




     If you cannot speak to the Commissioner or any other member DIRECTLY, please use the Commissioner's cell phone number

     since it has date/time stamped voice mail and there won't be any discrepancies.



The CBSSportsline lineups become official once the kickoff of the earliest game has occurred unless an Owner has contacted the Commissioner or another Owner with requested changes prior to said kickoff.



Legal starting lineups will consist of the following:























  1  WILD CARD (can be any position)




Illegal lineups will be handled in the following manner:



If a Team does not start the required amount of players at a specific position, the team will receive zero points for each missing player.



For example:  If a team only has two Wide Receivers set in their lineup they will receive zero points for their third receiver.  Same goes if you only start one Quarterback or one Running Back, the missing player will get you an automatic zero for that slot.



If an Team does starts too many players at a specific position, the lowest point scorers will only be accepted for the number of required starters.



Example 1:   A team has set five Wide Receivers as starters in their final lineup


        Result:  Only the three LOWEST scoring Wide Receivers would be accepted.


In the below scenario, only the points for Terrell Owens, Hines Ward and Jerry Rice would count.


Randy Moss 12
Reggie Wayne 9
Terrell Owens 5
Jerry Rice 2
Hines Ward 4



     IF one of the extra players that was set within the starting lineup was deemed to be the Wild Card player, then

    the rule would still apply.  The next lowest scorer would be deemed the Wild Card player.  In the scenario

    above, Reggie Wayne would be accepted as the Wild Card player.



Example 2:   A team has set more than one player as their Wild Card in their final lineup.


       Result:    The lowest scores of the minimum number of players at each affected position would be

                       accepted.  The next lowest scoring player after that from either affected position would then be

                       deemed the Wild Card player.


In the below scenario, Carson Palmer and Brett Favre would be accepted as the two starting Quarterbacks.  Ronnie Brown and Thomas Jones would be accepted as the starting Running Backs.  Michael Turner would then be deemed to be the Wild Card player.


Tom Brady QB 19
Brett Favre QB 9
Carson Palmer QB 4
Michael Turner RB 11
Thomas Jones RB 5
Ronnie Brown RB 1